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In this episode we are going to create our first blog post which will help us understand the rest of the options list.

To start off we will expand our Kitten Blog page and then right click to expand the options list. Next we will hit create and choose the document type that we want. In this instance all we can choose is the blog item.  We will title this blog post “Our first kitten blog!” You can see the set of properties and data types that have been created are exactly the same as our other blog posts because we chose the same document type. We can now make a title and fill out the rest of our information.

Copy Another option to create a blog post or any page, would be to copy an existing page and then edit the content. I am going to delete the page we just created to show you this option. Now I can right click on page I want to copy and select the copy option. Next, we choose where we want to copy this page. In our case we will want the copy with all other blogs so I will choose the “Kitten Blog” page and hit copy. Everything on this page is a copy of “The 10 remarkable features of Kittens.” so now we just change the page name and content the same way as we did with our level 2 pages. Viola! We have created a new blog post! 

Something else to keep in mind is that when we create or copy a page it will automatically be created at the bottom of our pages. If we want to change the hierarchy of our page we can use another part of the options list.

Sort If I want to make this the first blog post of the page, we right click on the parent page (in this case the parent would be the level 2 page “Kitten Blog” that contains all the level 3 pages). Next we hit the sort option. We now see all of our level 3 pages under the “Kitten Blog” page. To move our new blog post to the top just click and drag it to the top. Now hit save.  Another part of the options list that we need to look at is the Notifications option.

Notifications If you ever want to be alerted of another user making changes on a page, you can choose notification options. Again go into the options list and select notifications. If you need to know when a page is published, you can choose the publish option and hit update. Now when anyone publishes the home page you will be notified through the email associated with your account. 
 Finally we will look at the Send to Translation option.

Send to Translation While we do not have any content to translate it is helpful to know the process. If we wanted to translate our new blog post, click the send to translation option. Then choose the translator from the drop-down. Next you can choose what language you want the content translated to and if you want the sub-pages translated also. Finally we can make any comments to the translator and hit OK. !

We have now covered how to use the most common options that appear in the options list! In the last episode we are going to cover the media section of the sidebar!

Creating Content

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Learn how to create new content along with a better understanding of the Media Section!