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In this episode we are going to step out of the content section and work in the media section of the sidebar. The agenda for this lesson is to understand the purpose of the media section and how to navigate through it.

To start off when we click on the media section in the sidebar you will see that our media menu looks very similar to the content menu.  The difference is that instead of dealing with pages, we are dealing with folders and files. The media section can be thought of as folders on your computer that store anything such as images, videos, and files. Just as we did in the content menu we can click three dots and be shown options. 

There are three ways to upload new media.

● First we can choose the create option then select if we want to upload an image or file.  

● However the second option is a bit easier. If I click on the KittenCo Kittens folder it says click to upload. From there we can choose files from our computer.  

● The 3rd option is the easiest. You can simply click and drag the files that you want into the appropriate folder. 

Once we have uploaded our files we can change the title and see basic information like file type or image dimensions.  We are able to go back to our content section and call to these files from our media picker data types or in a rich text editor! You have now successfully learned how to edit and create content on a website along with managing media! High Five You Rock! 

Creating Content

Total Time: 00:18:42

Learn how to create new content along with a better understanding of the Media Section!