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In this first episode, we are going to define what a Content Management System is and how it will help you change content in a website. Finally I will show you how to log-in to Umbraco

To put it simply a Content Management System (CMS), is a system or program that allows you to edit content on a website without having to write code.

*keep in mind throughout this chapter is that we will be looking at a sample site, so everyone will have different content, however the principles and terminology will still apply

Below is a sample site that has been put together using Umbraco, it contains many basic content elements that we will change such as

  • title
  • navigation bar
  • headers
  • images
  • & blog posts

Throughout this chapter we will cover how to change and add on to this content. 

Another section of the page I want to point out is the address bar. As you can see it says local host on my screen, instead of something like Since this is just a sample I am running the website with local files on my computer, for you it will say into Umbraco uses the address bar Simply click at the end of and type forward /umbraco

You will now see the login page where you enter the username and password that has been assigned to you. Just enter your information and this brings us to the back office of Umbraco! 


Total Time: 00:21:50

Learn the layout of the Umbraco back office and how to use your web page as a tool to change content.