This badge is aimed at designers and front end developers who will build and implement Umbraco


Before you attempt anything in Umbraco it's important you learn the fundamentals to ensure you do not get frustrated and for you to work alot faster building your own websites.


Get Umbraco up and running on your machine in minutes using VS code.

Document Types

This is the most important thing you need to learn about Umbraco. Understanding the concept of Document Types and how to work with them is the foundation of your Umbraco knowledge.


This covers the basics of how to work with the templating system in Umbraco and get your HTML markup into the CMS.

Stylesheets and Javascript

This short badge covers how to work with CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files in Umbraco and how to add custom styles to allow content editors to apply specific styles in their content.

Grid Layouts

This badge covers working with Grid Layouts. Learn the concepts behind this unique way of creating content in a CMS. From setting up the datatype to creating your own custom plugins.

Creating a Site From Scratch

If you are brand new to Umbraco this is a great place to start. This chapter will walk you through the basics of implementing any static template in Umbraco. 

Working with Umbraco data

This badge covers the basics of working with the data you store in Umbraco and displaying the values into our website.

Razor Syntax

Introduction to the razor syntax with examples on how to write code blocks, inline expressions, comments, variables, conditional logic, loops,...

Querying Umbraco data with Razor

Learn how to access and query Umbraco data with Razor so you can write code that outputs navigations, breadcrumbs, sitemaps, lists of items, ...

Macros & Partial Views

Create reusable and flexible components that you can use in your templates and expose to your content editors.

Working with Models Builder

Learn all about working with the Umbraco Models Builder. In this chapter we will learn the purpose and benefits of the Models Builder as well as the different models modes we can configure and which one is right for your site. 

Go Further with Models Builder

Learn the more advanced concepts of the Umbraco Models Builder such as extending our models, working with property value converters, and much more!


Extend the functionality of your Umbraco instance with packages. 

Umbraco Forms

With the Umbraco HQ's add-on product Umbraco Forms it's a breeze to create any type of form you can imagine.

Integrating With Third Party Applications

Umbraco focuses on being the best Content Management System by sticking to what we know best ... Content Management. From that point we want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate with your favorite tools! In this chapter, learn how to work with some of the most popular third party tools out there. 

Multi Lingual

Learn how to create multi lingual sites on Umbraco.

Creating a Multi Lingual Site

Go from a single language site to multilingual in a couple of steps, learn all about languages, dictionary items and managing hostnames.