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How to attach workflows?

By default, the forms will only store the submitted record data. For other functionality, you can add workflows, like if you want to send an email. By default, a workflow will be added that sends an email to the form creator on record submit.

In the Forms section, when expanded, you will see that besides the Entries note, you also have a Workflows note. This is where you will work with workflows. You will see that by default, Forms has already added a workflow, which will send an email to the form creator whenever the form has been submitted.

To add additional workflows, you can hit the Add an action button. Workflows can be added in two stages, either the submitted or approved stages.

Submitted occurs when the form is actually submitted. *Approved occurs when the form records are approved.* By default, form records are always approved, unless you specify it on the form settings to not approve. You will look at this form approval in a later chapter. For now, you should focus on the workflows.

To add a new workflow, you will click on the Add an action button. In here, you can choose a type. By default, there are a couple of types, like Post as xml, Post form to url, Save as file, Save as Umbraco document, Send email and Send xslt transformed email.

Depending on the type you choose, you will then get several settings to fill in, like the receiver.

Let's say you want to send an email to someone else. Here, you will also have to specify a sender email, but that is not mandatory. Then, you will have to enter a subject and a message. Then, add this workflow.

You will see that this is now added to the overview. You can sort them and move them between states.

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