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Umbraco Forms is an extension you can install on your Umbraco site, making it possible to create forms from an integrated User Interface (UI). You won't need any code to add forms to your Umbraco site. You will learn the basics in this chapter.

Umbraco Forms is a commercial product, coming directly from the Umbraco HQ. It is one of the ways in which we finance the work on the core. In order for it to fully function, you can order a license on Of course, you can test it before buying.

Our licensing model is per domain. When setting up a license, you can specify one live domain and two dev domains. The license will also work on all sub-domains. For example, you can license it for, working on all sub-domains, a and again, working on all sub-domains of those two dev domains.

To order a license, simply follow the instructions on the dashboard.

Umbraco Forms

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With the Umbraco HQ's add-on product Umbraco Forms it's a breeze to create any type of form you can imagine.