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How to prepare your frontend?

Before you add your forms to the frontend of your site, you will have to prepare your frontend a bit. This is because Umbraco Forms has some client dependencies. A client dependencies are Jquery, Jquery validate and Jquery validate unobtrusive.

You will need those three client dependencies in order to have the best experience with Umbraco Forms. You can get those from

If you browse to, you can see that we have Jquery releases on the Content Delivery Network. There are Jquery validation releasesand also the unobtrusive Jquery validate.

What you will then need to do is add these three to your template so that those client dependencies are available on the pages where you will add forms. Of course, this can be in the head or at the bottom of your page. It all depends how your site is structured. You still have full control over that.

If you add the dependencies at the bottom of your page of your template, then you will have to do two more steps. Navigate to the Developer section. In there, select the InsertUmbracoForm Partial View Macro File.

On line 10, you will add a new argument that says mode = "form".

This is to make sure that this macro will only output the form markup and not all of the Umbraco form crypt stuff.

Next, on your template, you will have to insert the macro below your dependencies. That is the macro render form script. 01.58 02.06/02.07

Now, with those two things in place, you are ready to add forms to your site.

Umbraco Forms

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With the Umbraco HQ's add-on product Umbraco Forms it's a breeze to create any type of form you can imagine.