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Now you will take a look at the Allowed Child Nodetypes. ** 
**What you will do is create additional document types and set up a relation between those document types.

In your Umbraco, move to Settings. You will see your only document type, to which you have added some properties. If you move to Content, you have a single Home Page document.

Naturally, a site is more than only one Home Page. Now you want to create pages underneath your Home Page, for example: an About Us page, a Contact Us page, a News Area, and so on. Try to create something underneath your Home Page, by right clicking on it and selecting create.

You need to specify a name and choose a document type. Currently, the document type Dropdown is empty.

You will have to set up which document types you are able to chose here. First, you will need a new document type. Create a new one and call it Text Page.

On the Text Page document type, add a new tab called Content, and add a Bodytext property of type Rich Text Editor.

You will be using this Text Page document type for all your simple pages, like About Us, Contact Us, Details, and similar. If you move back to your Content area and try to create something underneath your Home Page, the document type Dropdown is still empty.

This is because you will have to specify, underneath the documents type of Home Page, what kind of document types you can create. This is done on the document type.

Move back to* Settings* and select the Home Page document type. On this document type, you have a Structure tab. **Here you can see the Allowed Child Nodetypes. **This will basically define that you are able to create documents of the following types underneath the documents type of Home Page. Check on Text Page, and save your Home Page.

Move back to Content and try to create something underneath your Home Page. You can see that the Dropdown is now filled with Text Page.

For instance, name your page About Us and click on create.

Be sure to enter some details, save and publish.This relationship is also reflected in the tree. You get a page underneath your Home Page. Naturally, you can add more pages, like Contact Us.

These were the **Allowed Child Nodetypes **you have on the document types. 
Let's review this chapter.

  • The Allowed Child Nodetypes allows us to configure the type of pages that can be created underneath a certain type.

Document Types

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