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You will now take a look at a little feature called Alt Template. 
Alt Template allows you to apply a different template to any page by manipulating the URL. There are two ways of doing this.

You can append alttemplate=templateAlias, or when your page URL is page.aspx, append /templateAlias.aspx to it.

Create a new template and name it "Test".

Add some example text, like "This is the test template being applied to the page."

Add your page name fields and save your template.

If you go to your About page, and want to apply the text template to it, you can append alttemplate=test to the URL and you will get your result.

The other option is to type /test before the .aspx in the URL. You will get the same result.


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This covers the basics of how to work with the templating system in Umbraco and get your HTML markup into the CMS.