Working with Umbraco data

This badge covers the basics of working with the data you store in Umbraco and displaying the values into our website.

Razor Syntax

Introduction to the razor syntax with examples on how to write code blocks, inline expressions, comments, variables, conditional logic, loops,...

Querying Umbraco data with Razor

Learn how to access and query Umbraco data with Razor so you can write code that outputs navigations, breadcrumbs, sitemaps, lists of items, ...

Macros & Partial Views

Create reusable and flexible components that you can use in your templates and expose to your content editors.

Working with Models Builder

Learn all about working with the Umbraco Models Builder. In this chapter we will learn the purpose and benefits of the Models Builder as well as the different models modes we can configure and which one is right for your site. 

Go Further with Models Builder

Learn the more advanced concepts of the Umbraco Models Builder such as extending our models, working with property value converters, and much more!